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Exposure Digital - Lake District Web Design & Photography

We are exposure digital

A web agency that likes to keep things simple, with clean designs and intuitive interfaces.

It's not rocket science, we just subtract the obvious and add the meaningful.

Hoad Monument, Ulverston
© 2011 Exposure Digital

We're a no nonsense web design agency from the lake district, with a firm belief in simple sophistication and future proof designs.

We've got a passion for crafting unique experiences and opening new doors for our clients, by building bespoke websites from the ground up.

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Bullet proof sites for all screens and sizes

Exposure Content Management System

Giving you control over content

Get your message to the masses in minutes

How much is a bespoke website?

We realise as well as choosing the right agency, cost also plays a part.

We've got nothing to hide so we've created this price calculator to give you a simple quote.

We always recommend getting in touch to discuss quotes further, but here's a head start.

Layout and Visuals

Number of Pages:

Additional Features:

Are you a new startup on a tight budget? We can help! Read More

Although bespoke sites are great for established businesses, we realise the cost of a bespoke solution can sometimes be off putting to small start ups or individuals.

This is why we also offer sites using off the shelf templates at a much lower cost. We'll take care of the technical bits and set up. You focus on the content. There's a huge amount of great website themes to choose from, and we'll take away the pain of getting one set up.

Further down the line if you decide you'd like something that is a better reflection of your brand, we can change the design to a more bespoke solution. Your website can evolve as your business evolves

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  • Ulverston, Cumbria